Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Had a good laugh

...reading the newest entries in Parking Idiots in Singapore. Unbelievable but true.

Questions that have always bugged me:
  1. Why do able-bodied drivers park in handicap lots? Don't they have any social grace or respect that these lots ARE for the handicap? I'd bet my bottom dollar that these inconsiderate morons of a driver are educated. I mean they aren't called handicap lots for nothing, right?

    Read the sign: FOR HANDICAPS ONLY!

    I will break your arm or leg if you wish to be a handicap. And gladly too.

    FYI, whenever I see cars without the handicap signs parking in the handicap lots, I always report them. So sue me, if you have the guts.

    And please don't tell me about 'elite' society if we cannot even get the basics right.
  2. Why can't people park properly? How long does it take to drive out and reverse back in again? 8 sec? 10 sec? Wind down the windscreen, look at lines, reverse. Is it so hard?

    I don't care what your reasons are. If you take longer than 1 min for a second/third drive out and reverse back in, perhaps you shouldn't be driving at all.
  3. Speaking about impatience. Why do people horn when you are slow to drive off at the traffic juntions? Just take 2 secs slower and you have someone letting you know his frustrations.

    I'm not talking about the guy behind horning at you while you are driving 80km/h on the extreme right lane of the expressway. It is supposed to be 90km/h. So if you are such a culprit, smack yourself in the head. Or I will do it myself.

    I've seen people queuing up for hours to buy 4Ds, Totos, etc. Worse, you see them under the hot Sat afternoon sun outside those NTUC betting outlets. Funny, I don't hear them complaining.
  4. And now about NTUC. I have no idea why NTUC branched off to GP clinics, car insurance, supermarkets, dentals, what-have-yous...

    Can someone explain to me what NTUC stands for again? It is called National Trades Union Congress. The objectives?

    - To help Singapore stay competitive, and workers to remain employable for life.
    - To enhance the social status and well-being of workers.
    - To build a strong, responsible and caring labour movement.

    So tell me, which part of NTUC delving into the other business benefit Singapore workers to remain employable for life? Or enhance their social status and well-being?

    Unless NTUC tells me that Singaporean workers will get a subsidy when using the services or they get to share in the NTUC profits...

    And all these while I thought it is going to challenge Walmart, Carrefour or something.

Unbelievable but true.


Anonymous said...

Strangely I have never seen a handicap driver or passenger actually in the process of embarking / disembarking within a handicap lot.


Anonymous said...

this a very late post.

thats why NTUC have:-
NTUC Income
NTUC healthcare
NTUC Comfort-Delgro (this, I tio?)
NTUC Fairprice