Sunday, September 03, 2006

Princess Diaries

Got Rachel a Cinderalla princess kit from Toys R' Us. Worth every cent spent to capture this moment of her posing!

The kit consisted of:

1. A pair of earrings
2. Ring
3. Bracelet
4. A pair of 'glass' slippers

She was totally thrilled and couldn't wait to wear them. The first thing she said when she woke up from bed was:

"Mummy, where is my princess kit?"

Here is another shot of her posing.


Look how much she has grown. It had been only 3+ years when she first cried in the delivery room. Daddy was so overjoyed. Mummy too. Heh, she was glad the 9 months was finally over.

Well, actually it was just the beginning.

I can barely imagine or recollect how she looked like 3 years ago without referring to the photos I had taken. Wrinkled skin, clenched tiny fingers and toes, closed eyes and a small mouth that made big noises. What's a big daddy going to do with her. I was thinking, er... what's next now?

Life just smacked my head and answered me. Next thing I knew, I had to change her diapers. I wondered aloud how anyone could have done it without fussing over this little thing. Yeah I took a good 15mins (don't laugh, I'm sure you wouldn't have faired better).

And then I took another 10 mins to figure out how to wrap her in her blanket or 'whachacallitcloth'. Ended up quarrelling with missus, because she thought she was smarter. Yeah right. In the end, the nurse bundled her up for us.

Trying. Very.

Since then, there is no turning back. She has grown from glory to glory (by the grace of God), beauty to beauty. I can only stand amazed how God has blessed her with such good looks. Not that her Daddy is handsome or has nice features. I am also in awed at the rate she is growing and changing all the time.

Just the other day, I was so surprised she was speaking in complete sentences. She had also been using words like 'disgusting', 'delicious' and 'crazy'.

Ok, this is Daddy's fault. He likes to use this 'crazy' word while driving. Especially on motorists who are basically... crazy. And stupid too. Mummy told her 'stupid' isn't a nice word to use and Rachel promptly reminds me each time I use that word on idiotic moronic motorists.

Oh sorry :P

The only advice I have is:
Working too hard and spending (selling?) your life in the office for the sake of money aren't going to make the kids understand your contributions to the family.

Your presence does. Make it count.


Xtralicious said...

Hey agree with ya on the necessity of quality family time. PS: your daughter and i share the same name...

Anonymous said...

wow. adrian, she looks like you man.

also, good thing your vocab is clean. dono what else she's going to pick up next, yes?