Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Now this is REALLY a sad day...

It's not that I support any party, but what can one person like Chee Siok Chin (Chee Soon Juan's sister) do? I just don't understand: Is the government afraid of something?

Read here (must scroll down to see picture).

Do we Singaporeans really need 7 policemen/women to surround her? Aww... incredulous! Video taping too! Why? To showcase on TV and .gov websites? I wonder who is more of a moron.

There is hardly any need actually! I find it so condescending and downright abusive! The truth is I could hardly believe it until I saw the picture. Isn't it close to restricting a person's rights and freedom of movement, let alone speech?

Wow the ruling party just lost a big chuck of respect! Big time too. It can't get worse, can it?

Interesting to discover the vast contrast on the glowing reviews on Singapore the Straits Times want Singaporeans to read about vs what the reporter (Philip Thornton) actually filed for The Independent. Read here.

The Straits Times censored the latter. Unbelieveable! This must be the #1 for bitter aftertaste.

I'm all for hosting world events. I'm all for caning, even capital punishments. I say again - I support caning of those rapists, vandalizing idiots, molesters, etc. I'm all for hanging because you deal in drugs. Good for you!

But when you go global (eg. hosting IMF), don't expect the world to think like you do. All your efforts and investments ( I think is $135m) to organize the IMF seem to have backfired! Instead of having glowing reviews on our economic and financial stability, we were portrayed as a 'backward' developed nation.

Is the government in denial? Hello?

The sad truth is when I discuss politics during lunchtime with my colleagues, most of them don't have opinions (or choose not to have any). When I provide another point of view, I am sometimes told that I don't know what I am talking about and what's best for Singapore, or shrugged off, or more like a sudden quietness descends in the group and then they change topics altogether, ignoring what was said.

What the...?

With such a picture and high-handedness approach to politics, how does the government expect our younger generations to be open or even actively discuss their views?

Sad. Really sad.

You know, there is this funny coldness in my heart that I can't place when I saw the picture of Miss Chee.

Pity? Nah. Perhaps I am slowly losing my identity.


Anonymous said...

I think more people are beginning to see CSJ for what he is, and not the way the government's media portrayed him to be. Increasingly, Singaporeans are realising that he's actually more credible than the emasculated media give him credit for. Maybe that's what PAP is afraid of, that there is someone in Singapore that most people would rather believe than LKY!

Kaffein said...

I have read CSJ's articles, thoughts and comments in his party newspapers. I have found it to be good alternative read, instead of the propaganda ST gives nearly everyday. In fact, the points he had raised were very relevant in today Singapore and the foresight he had was pretty accurate, in terms of CPF, investments, etc. I shan't into the details but those who had read them would agree.

I'm ashamed to say that my fellow citizens on the streets shun him and his party newspapers. Fear? *shrug*

Anyway, he wouldn't be a research lecturer in NUS for nothing if he didn't have the liao (substance in hokkien). Probably his joining of the Opposition did him in.

One thing I can only say - he needs a PR manager. If not, leave the country. Other places appreciate your talents more than your home.

Anonymous said...

Chee is not a petty politician out to score points as the people in power claim. He is a man who has made sacrifices, much much more than any person in Singapore is willing to do. Lets not forget we need to grossly overpay our people to join politics. You call that sacrifice or serving the people. Its just a so well paid job where you basically keep your mouth shut and just follow blindly. I am no supporter of any party but the way Chee and his sister have been treated gives me a sick sick feeling. First World my ass...

Kaffein said...


Xtralicious said...

I get what you mean about the alternative political view. I get that most of the time too. People here tend to be a) adverse to thinking or b)apathetic. Both are equally sad.

Anonymous said...

I was in reservist recently and i brought up the hong lim topic during casual conversation with my fellow reservists. It was amazing how everyone just clamped up and a dead silence went around the table. This must be what it was like in Soviet Union before the wall came down.

Anonymous said...

Many read, observe or follow political development ie. read the papers / emedia, in private.

Some really may not have an opinion to discuss in a group or simply do not wish debate opinions. Some make disclaimers before commenting; just as in the same case when commenting on a fellow colleague/acquaintance. To make sure that there is no "hard feelings".

Personally discussing politics often leaves me with a bad after taste. Problem is: will the discussion result in a solution that will gain me financially?

Else pass me the ketchup bottle.

Anonymous said...

Just not convinced if CSJ or the WP team got what it takes to run a government. SDP is now a shadow of what it was.

Look at Thai or Jap politics. It takes someone with charisma or crutch to drive a big organization. LKY had that. In his early days, he managed to marshal those few good men to build up this country and its government. Not mentioning fighting off the commies within his own camp. Remember it is easier to destroy than to build.

Till the day SG get someone who can fit his shoes, we as individuals are likely to lose more if our environment deteriorates from current status quo. The days of reckoning may not be far away.

Still feel that it's a safer bet on a kiasi govt than what the oppositions can now offer.