Thursday, November 30, 2006

Confused and disappointed

To quote:
"ST Nov 29, 2006
Ministerial pay 'lags behind benchmark'
But decision on whether to relook salaries rests with PM, says SM Goh

By Sue-Ann Chia

BRATISLAVA (SLOVAKIA) - MINISTERS' salaries are pegged to that of the private sector, but they still lag behind the benchmark.

It is therefore likely that when civil service pay is reviewed, ministers' salaries will also be looked at, said Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong yesterday."

You must be joking, right? First transport prices are raised, then ERP, then GST, and now MPs pay?


I must admit, I never even dare think about it; considering the predictions of post-election hikes.

Look here, I have a few questions:
  1. Does it make sense to compare our ministers' salaries with that of the private sectors?
  2. Should not a minster's pay be compared to his counterparts in other countries?
  3. The US president annual pay is US$200,000, while my Prime Minister's annual basic salary is US$1,100,000.
    - Source from Asian Wall Street Journal 10 Jul 2000

Someone tell me again. Is this a joke?

  1. Firstly, how can a minister's pay be pegged to the private sector or top earners? See the flaw here.
  2. Secondly, it's not apple-to-apple comparison!
  3. Thirdly, how can a minister pay himself so much when:
    - the US GDP (in 2005) is $ 12,310,000,000,000
    - Singapore GDP (in 2005): $ 126,500,000,000 (figures from CIA website publications)?
  4. Salaries of a general citizen are pegged to their productivity determined by the National Wage Council. How is it that my Ministers are benchmarked to the salaries of the top earners in the private sector?

Doesn't take much common sense that this whole minister salary increase is wrong. Totally wrong!

Who determines how much they get? Themselves? National Wage Council (who also consists of themselves)? Benchmark against the top earners in the six profession? Sheesh. Shouldn't it be the public who decides?

Why aren't the ministers assets declared? Or even their directorships holdings made known with declared takings each month/year?

To declare 2% GST hike and then tell me that they intend to increase the ministers salaries? Oh, the cheek of it.

As if they do not have enough money already. How many in Singapore actually bring home an annual pay package of $150k?

Sometimes I wonder - wouldn't it be better to have lower pay salaries and risk the corruption?

I don't know... I'm just confused.

And sorely disappointed.

PS. And the civil servants 2.2 months bonus is just a one-time. Ministers salaries are not. Why not increase the salaries of the lower-income group?


nofearSingapore said...

You are definitely not alone when it comes to being confused and disappointed.
Yes, it is a joke, a cruel one and the joke is on each one of us.
But nobody is laughing.
Millions more for our already overpaid cabinet ministers!
Dr. Huang
(PS: oh yes and it is for the good of the poor! go figure that one out!)

Anonymous said...

I have to hold down two jobs just to ensure my family (wife & child) have a decent life. And it really makes me sick to realise that I have to struggle further with the GST increase as most of my income is spent on neccesities, which are subject to GST. And it makes me even more sick to think that these people want to pay themselves more. Why? I have to hold two jobs and the PM's supported by two expensive retirees (SM & MM) while the actual work is being done by a army of civil servants, who trust me are not paid that much. Not only do we too many Ministers but now they want to pay themselves more. Might as well benchmark their salaries to the top 8 in the Forbe list. Well I do not balme them, we are reaping what we sowed. Thank you Singapore

Anonymous said...

yeah loh! I decide to get pay raise, make some noise and inform everybody and then I get the raise.. really one kind!
For me, I want a raise also have to make noise, but to do very very well, and to show me boss, I can do it, Furthermore, no guarantee somemore, as depends on the performance of others too and the overall budget involved.

DAMN MAN! really sibeh sian!