Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Finn who loved Singapore (propaganda)? Help the poor? Fishy.

Read up some interesting article on the Finn (Mika Sampovaara) who praised Singapore model. However there were some 'hidden' stuff about him, which as usual the Straits Times did not publish:
Goodness. The cheek of it.

Putting character assassination aside, there are only 2 questions that will shed more light about his intent:
  • How much does Mika the Finn earn per year? Does he fall into the 'elite' category?

I bet he does. He's a derivatives trader. So of course he will sing praises on the elite model.

  • Has he converted his citizenship to that of Singapore?

Do you think the Finn is here because he loves Singapore? Or is he grabbing what he can here in Singapore (by paying lesser tax and other benefits) and then retire back in Finland?

I wonder who is the idiot now? SPH? Government? I can only say it's us, Singaporeans.

PS. A lot of my foreign friends do the same thing. Ever ask them about converting their citizenship? Heh.

Todayonline.com informs us:

I don't know Econonics, but I know what regressive tax is. Thanks to the information I gather from the internet.

There are lots of articles about the 2% GST hike. And many have shown how it will affect a Singaporean.

Listing a few that I thought would shed some light:
  1. Robbing Peter to pay Peter
  2. Low income and corporate tax = more investments?
  3. Can an increase in GST help the poor?

Thus saith the government. Just printing an article on a minister supporting the motion ain't going to get anyone far these days.

I just will like to remind the government that the citizens are more well-read than before. Information abounds in the Internet (and also blog) world.

A comment I've written in the P65er blog in response to Lim Wee Kiak's comments on the GST hike:

"Hi WK,

From your replies:

It seemed the GST hike will be coming, no matter what the majority of the population says. It was as if the hike was decided some time ago, and when it was announced, the word was to 'diffuse' the tension with counter measures and lots of discussion.

Then there will be a confirmed announcement in Feb’07, with rehashed reasons cited in Oct’06.

Like it or not, the government has decided on the 2% GST hike.

Sounds familiar? I draw you to the Casino (let’s call a spade a spade) debate. If there was a debate at all.

The reasons provided for the GST hike till today does not convince any man on the street.

“Your concern is mine too when I learned about the GST increase. I am not an economist but from the papers I read, globalisation is one of the key drivers. ”

Again globalisation? That means to say it’s also alright to migrate or leave one’s country to work elsewhere too? *read sarcasm*

Politicians have used this word too flippantly, in my honest opinion.

It’s akin to weird weather changes and blaming it on El-Nino, Global warming, Ozone depletion, etc. It’s like telling the masses, what can we do? It’s bound to happen. Take it, accept it. Once you get past the first stage, it won’t hurt so much. Afterall, it’s the bottom line dollar that matters.

So we have transport fare hikes, ERP hikes, GST hikes. Again I’ve said in Zaqy’s blog, what’s next? Conservancy? Utilities?

“Face with an aging population, changing demographics, increased competition from other countries such as Ireland and Hong Kong (with lower taxes) for foreign direct investments and retention of our high net worth individuals, I see we don’t have much choices. I welcome any suggestions that can help Singapore in the long run.”

There will always be other countries who are doing this and that. So must we follow suit? If yes, I don’t see their citizens doing NS?

Ok, I may be off the mark in NS point, but the principle is the same. Following other countries just because they had revised some changes is not going to get us far.

Investors just don’t disappear overnight. For the government to be reactive to such changes and also giving (in)valid reasons for hikes - yes, citizens will disappear overnight.



Mark said...

FYI it is quite difficult to attain Singapore Citizenship. It is not like you can just drop off the boat and they are willing to hand you a passport.

On another note. How many Singaporeans do you hear of that illegaly own an Australian citizenship 'just in case' too?

Anonymous said...

Mark, the FT is already a PR. He won't even need to apply for a citizenship, the govt will be proactive and offer him instead after a few yrs. Its a question whether he accept or reject.