Thursday, November 09, 2006

Why I will emigrate

This blog post literally hits the nail on the head. Read it:

If I ever leave, gosh, I'm going to miss my:

  • Late-night suppers
  • Night-walks with missus
  • Roti prata, satay, mee goreng
  • Coffee-shop coffee
  • Cheap hawker food
  • Durians
  • Pineapple tarts, etc.

*sobs silently*


House of rabbits said...

interesting reading.
yeah, it seems the gov is sacrificing the citizens on the economic altar.
Other countries protect its people like mad, and it is not easy to get permits or visas to work no matter how highly qualified you are. So it cuts both way.
one would definitely miss the hawker centres food ( bak kut teh, rojok, bak chor mee etc ), the 24 hr availability of food, security in walking in the streets at any hr of the day/night.
What one will not miss : the hot searing heat, the impatience of people, and like this chap said - a property owner not a leasee.
And more importantly, your own space. It's really crowded everywhere in sgp. Sometimes all you awnt is to just chill out and hear the sheep bleat and cows moo, and see the sun set as you sit at the swing with the wind rustling the tree leaves, and see the stars with the kid at night.

Anonymous said...

Is it shocking that one of the smallest countries in the world has one of the highest migration ratio? Guess not to the $13K drawing ministers.

QQ*librarian said...

Interesting essay (the link you gave), probably resonates with many singaporeans of our generation. If you love your country, you can contribute even if you are physically no longer in the country. We are all global citizens, so I guess we all shouldn't be too hung-up about where we are, as long as we are living meaningfully, purposefully and happily. In the end, do what makes you happy. :-)