Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Get out of my elite uncaring face

Will it change anything? Nah... but I sure get a kick in voicing my disgust and disappointment.

Funny that 2/5 of my predictions about the upcoming hikes after the last General Election came true. And all within 4 months. Not bad, eh?

Actually I don't need to be an economist or rocket-scientist to do the maths. The truth is - those items listed within are basic necessities that every citizen in every country needs. Read it here:

I'm going to monitor it under the Fav Stuff section in the right column.

In my honest opinion, this should be the 'read-in-between-the-lines' summary speech by PM to the citizens of Singapore:

"Thank you for voting for us - here is 2% GST hike as your gift...

...oh did I also mention, I have this very comprehensive package to help you tide the GST hike. Do read the fine prints below though I doubt you will because your eyes will always be on the nice 'sweeties' you are going to get.

Oh, thank you, thank you!"

*gives the mega smile and the famous world-leader's wave to the cameras*

Fine prints:
1. There is no such thing as free lunch. This is the e*lee*t economy. Life will kick you in the balls. If not, I will.
2. All profits are belong to us. All your monies are belong to us. You owe us a living, a life, an existence. There will be winners and losers. You are definitely not the former.
3. The government will recover the cost of this comprehensive package sooner than you expect. And even more. Let's say 2008 10% GST? That's an idea for thought.

*turns to scholars and lackeys*
Now, find me a reason by end of year why I should increase to 10% GST. Your bonus will be tied to it, understand?

4. If you are not an elite, get out of my elite uncaring face.

Jeez, to think so many ministers (I don't know if they are just 'wayang', or selling 'ko-yok') speeches, including the president (eversince someone revoked his mandatory budget approval, I have no idea what he is there for), bloggers, stories, articles, studies, highlights, programmes, what-have-yous, etc have mentioned these things in common:

  • The new poor. Help them.

The feeling I get after hearing PM's speech is:

  • Thanks but no-thanks. This is my agenda. Take it or leave it.

Already many people have the general consensus confirmation that the government is uncaring, unresponsive to feedback, clinical, business-minded, profit-oriented, cold.

Just to prove their point - Oops!... I did it again.

So thanks those who sold their souls for progressive packages/payouts during the last General Election.


To quote someone:
"'Now get out of my elite uncaring face."

About Vivan Balakrishnan's speech about 'Many helping hands'. I had a darn good laugh. Really.

Some of the blogs that summarized my thoughts:

  1. The Million Dollar Difference
    He expects free help to come from volunteers who need to be passionate , committed. Yet the ministers are paid in millions to be passionate, committed (if not they go to private sector or become corrupt)?!!

    Common man says: what talk you?
  2. Mr Wang Is Skeptical
    I will be too, unless I'm paid millions.
  3. Funny comments by Lunatic Fringe:

    MIW (men-in-white): "Do what I say, do not do what I do…"
    Peasant: "Yay….Majullah MIW!… MIW is the greatest, tax from me GST and give back to me as workfare!"
    Robin Hood: "I thought it should be rob(tax) the rich, give to poor? We have the royalty that tax (GST) the poor and giveth to the rich (tax breaks/concessions)? Did they not consider zero-rating essentials?"
    Peasant: "Huh???!!!"


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