Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Alternative: The Stoic Singaporean. ShinCorp Deal.

A very nice read (arty-farty) about the plight of a Singaporean citizen.

My comments to the author?

Nicely put.

For the uncouth me however, it's not stoic. It's the stupid/dumb/moronic Singaporean who does not fight for the alternative, or even make a stand for what he believes in.

Every 5 years, he does not make his national decision with his heart and conscience but with a 'kayu' (Singlish; meaning thick or stupid; incompetent) and fearful judgement - thinking it might just get a litte better the next phase.

So he deludes himself.

Each time he hopes someone from the other wards will make a stand and decide alternatively. For him, he only thinks for his ward (more likely himself) to benefit from the handouts.

And he deludes himself again. Year after year.

So finally, he says 'I've had enough'. And he packs up and leave. For good.

Alternative viewpoints: Temasek-ShinCorp Deal


Also note: using today’s exchange rate, the paper loss of 23 billion Baht is equivalent to S$968,735,546.40, or US$616,126,398.90.

I wonder how come reports are so vastly different?


Xtralicious said...

scary again. same theme. and even same links! LOL

Anonymous said...

precisely loh, I wanted to vote since I was 21 and all the time denied a chance. Move house once also no use, walkover again. sama sama.